Thursday, 6 October 2011

The First Post

Hello, my name is Sarah Baker.
I have been doing art (mainly painting) since I could hold a paint brush. Thing is, I'm not amazing at it! I have started this blog to attempt to get some help and ideas. 

From years of trying out different things I have discovered that I can copy. I am an excellent copier. You give me a photograph and I will paint it on a canvas, you give me a  bowl of fruit and I can paint apples coming off the page! but give me a blank'll end up with crap loads of paint on (usual turquoise, I LOVE that colour atm) and loads of swirls and really not in a good 'modern art' way, more like a 'a 4 year old swallowed loads of paint, puked it up, stuck its hands in it and pushed it all around' kinda way...
still, I have hope.
and I hope this the start of something awesome :)